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Our classes for kids are designed with hands-on learning projects that they truly enjoy! As kids master each skill, they advance to the next level. Every class builds on the one before it. As a result, students graduate with a vast mastery of skills and a portfolio full of cool, working web pages and apps.


From grade 1 to 13, for all types of schools including gymnasium, secondary school, elementary school, and others.

Age: 6-19


With experienced instructors, our courses offer personalized instruction and interactive activities to improve your English language skills.

Age: 6-19


Our online coding courses offer a comprehensive and practical approach to learning programming languages, tools, and frameworks.

Age: 8-19


Join our online graphic design courses today and unleash your creativity while building a strong foundation for a career in design.

Age: 8-19

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Mondeschools believe that good questions drive good answers. Whether it’s a query
about the world around us or a challenge.

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