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Online courses

Monde Coding School offers online courses that teach children the fundamentals of programming in a fun and engaging manner. Children can complete the courses at their own pace and independently, guided by short videos that explain programming concepts and provide examples. Following the videos, children are tasked with solving small assignments that apply the concepts, with error analysis hints to guide them along the way.

Get creative

In the programming environments provided by Monde Coding school, children can put their acquired knowledge into practice by creating games, animations, and other applications.

Ready to use teaching material

Monde Coding school offers comprehensive teaching materials that are ready-to-use, making teaching easy, motivating, and time-saving. These materials include detailed lesson descriptions and valuable didactic and pedagogical tips.

Simple course management

Monde Coding school’s teacher accounts, educators can efficiently create, manage, and organize their classes. They can easily create student accounts for their entire class, complete with automatically generated usernames and passwords. Teachers can monitor students’ learning progress in courses and projects, assign tasks and projects, and review their solutions.

Start immediately

Monde Coding School provides a web-based learning environment that can be easily used in the classroom without the need for extra materials or hardware. All courses and projects are accessible directly in the browser, without any downloads or installations necessary. All that’s needed is a computer (laptop or tablet) and an Internet connection.

Teacher training

We specialize in advanced training programs that cover Monde Coding School and pedagogy and didactics of computer science for primary school and beyond. Our training can be delivered at your school, teacher training seminar, or other professional development events. Contact us to discuss your requirements and co-create a customized training course.

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