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Art plays a crucial role in the overall development of children. Through creative expression, children can explore and experiment, fostering their imagination and problem-solving skills. Exposure to different forms of art can help them appreciate diverse cultures and perspectives while boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Overall, art education is an essential component of a well-rounded education for children.

  • We believe every child is intelligent so we care.
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Art Courses


Age: 8-19 24 weeks


Age: 13-19 24 weeks

Digital Art

Age: 13-19 24 weeks


Age: 13-19 24 weeks


Piano is a popular instrument to learn, and many music schools offer piano lessons for beginners to advanced players.

Age: 12-19 24 weeks


Guitar is another popular instrument that can be learned through private lessons or group classes.

Age: 13-19 24 weeks


The violin is a beautiful instrument that requires a lot of skill and practice to master.

Age: 12-19 24 weeks


Drum lessons can be taught in private or group settings, and can cover different genres of music, such as rock, jazz, and funk.

Age: 13-19 24 weeks

How it works!

  • 1. Choose appointment
  • 2. Learn together
  • 3. Solve challenges
  • 4. Be proud

Choose an appointment

Choose a fixed weekly date from our range of courses when your child has time for a cool, digital hobby.

Learn together

Every week, our experienced coach shows the learning group new programming concepts step by step in live video chat.

Solve challanges

Your child will receive further course materials and exciting coding challenges on our learning platform and in our learning app.

Be proud

Exchange ideas about your projects with like-minded people on Discord and share your programming successes, developed games and apps with our community.

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